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Harold and Kumar 3 Confirmed

April 4, 2010 | Posted by: Spark Report

2004_harold_and_kumar_go_to_white_castle_004Actor Kal Penn’s reps have confirmed that he will be leaving his post as Barack Obama’s associate director of public engagement to begin filming a new Harold & Kumar movie this June. Penn left Hollywood and his leading role on the hit show “House” to work for the White House 9 months ago after campaigning for Obama at colleges across the country.

The third installment of the stoner comedy franchise, “A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas”, will have a Christmas theme and might also be filmed in 3-D.

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Review: New Apple iPad Rolling Table

April 1, 2010 | Posted by: Spark Report


The new Apple iPad is set to hit stores April 3rd and Spark Report in honored to be the first marijuana site to get a hands on review the device. The iPad boasts impressive features such as 9.7 inch touch screen, 16-to-32GB flash drive, accelerometer and rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating makes a perfect surface for both breaking up and rolling your marijuana. Where the iPhone lacks in multitasking the iPad makes up for by allowing you to run apps or surf the web while rolling your joint or blunt. We did notice that some marijuana tends to get stuck in the cracks around the device leading us to believe Apple may of spent too much time on the secondary features rather than focusing on it’s core use as a marijuana rolling pad.

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Marijuana Should Stay Illegal

| Posted by: Spark Report


This November, Californians will cast an important vote on whether to legalize marijuana in their state. If they succeed many states may follow with similar legalization efforts. It seems with the rush to legalize marijuana, many people are overlooking several devastating side effects that legalization would bring.

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Medical Marijuana Comes to “South Park”

March 30, 2010 | Posted by: Spark Report

southparkWith the wave of medical marijuana dispensaries opening across Colorado, it was inevitable that the creators of “South Park” would tackle the issue. On a new episode entitled “Medical Fried Chicken” airing Wednesday, March 31st, Cartman is outraged when he finds out a medical despensary has taken the place of the towns only KFC. Randy is eager to get his medical marijuana, but is turned away when a doctor finds nothing wrong with him, sending him on a quest to find a medical excuse to smoke marijuana.

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Marijuana Industry Divided on California Legalization

March 25, 2010 | Posted by: Spark Report


After gathering enough signatures, California voters are almost guaranteed a historical vote on whether to legalize marijuana in their state this November.  While the majority of voters, activists and consumers are celebrating the real chance of marijuana legalization, there is strong opposition coming from more than just anti-marijuana lobbying groups.

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