5 Good Places to Hide Marijuana in a Vehicle

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Transportation plays a key role in the marijuana industry. A large number of marijuana busts happen while the weed in being transported. Suppliers send thousands of pounds of marijuana daily via semi trailers, rapper’s tour buses, submarines and school buses. This article however, is intended for personal sized amounts of lets say, one ounce or less, that gets transported in a normal passenger vehicle.

For legal purposes, I am assuming the hypothetical situation that you legally purchased some medical marijuana and are not wanting trouble from police on the drive back home. Rule number one in any situation is to always remember your rights. If an officer does not have probable cause to search your car, you have the right to refuse the search no matter how convincing the officer may seem. For our scenario, lets say you reek of marijuana and declining a search is not an option. Where are some good places to stash the stash where its not likely to be found?

5. Gas Tank Compartment

fuel-door-coverThe gas tank compartment is the area inside the little door that conceals your gas cap. Depending on the make and model, you should have enough room to stash a decent amount. It’s an added bonus if your gas compartment locks. Police officers often fail to check places on the outside of the vehicle in order to focus their search inside the car.

Pros: It’s easy and straight forward. No fiddling with your car or excessive setup required.

Cons: A police K9 unit would smell your stash pretty easily. Also depending on your situation, it may seem odd to access your gas compartment when you enter and leave your vehicle.

4. Very Messy Trunk


This could also be called the “needle in the haystack” method. Its a gamble that whoever is searching your vehicle has more pressing matters than searching every wadded up piece of paper, fast food wrapper, folder, shopping bag, book, video game cartridge, dvd case, coat pocket, snot rag, jock strap, dildo, blow up doll, sock, used condom, and mitten in your trunk. (Make sure you include all these items for full effect.) For bonus points, throw in an old piece of pizza to test the officers “dedication” to the war on drugs and possibly even throw off K9s. The object is to make the officer scared of what he/she might uncover if they dig too deep.

Pros: If your trunk is already messy, then its pretty simple to implement.

Cons: Like I mentioned before, its a gamble that someone will not check every possible place. It’s also not likely to fool a K9. You will also have a dirty trunk.

3. Secret Compartment

compartmentA secret compartment is simply a part of your car that is only intended to come off when servicing the car. This involves really knowing your specific car and not making any marks or signs that show its a frequently accessed place. Sometimes a small screw driver in the glove compartment could be used as your “key” to accessing the area. Door panels, speakers, dashboard compartments, and stereo equipment are some examples of common places to use, but keep in mind, you should always find the best place for your specific car.

Pros: Almost every car has a good spot that will work for you. Officers will usually not want to cause damage to your vehicle during a routine search so there is a good success rate when care is taken while selecting a place.

Cons: You really need to know your car and find spots that nobody can easily access without prior knowledge. Its also not K9 proof.

2. Diversion Safe

falsecompartmentA diversion safe is basically a normal house hold item that has a false compartment to hide things in. A lot of smoke shops and novelty stores carry them or you can find them online. The most common are soda cans and Pringles containers but there are many others including “fix-a-flat” bottles that are specially made to not draw attention in your vehicle. Bonus if you include your diversion safe inside your very messy trunk (see #4).

Pros: The metal container types can help reduce smell.

Cons: They may help protect against smell, but a K9 would likely still be tipped off depending on the situation. It also costs money.

1. Inside Food

fast-food-burger-friesThis is more of a method than a place. It evolves hiding your purchase inside something such as a wrapped sandwich or taco. Fast food items are usually less conspicuous in your car. Once again, details to make everything seem normal are important. An officer would be ill advised to open up someones wrapped up sandwich or fast food during a routine search. They might look around the bag or container, but not actually touch your food.

Pros: K9 officers are likely to think their trained dog is interested in your food, not tipping them off to marijuana.

Cons: It’s not that easy to always have some fresh food around when you need it. It may or may not cost you additional money.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    I’ve actually tried two of these successfully. To the cop reading this: No, I’m not telling you which two.

  2. Drew says:

    Do not buy the “diversion safe” because the cops know about these things now. I watched a cop pop the bottom off of a wd-40 hidden safe after inspecting the other 6 canisters in the trunk. Also most cops are trained to know every possible place in all models of cars to hide illegal items.

  3. Brandumz says:

    Now that you’ve posted this on the internet it would make it totally unsafe to hide it everywhere in your list. What cops dont go on the internet?

  4. 5-0 says:

    No, no, cops don’t go on the internet. Please, tell the rest of us illegal narcotic smugglers more places that we can hide our reefer. *strokes mustache*

  5. udontneed2know says:

    wow dis iz super funny, i have a frendd who culd use diss cuz her supposed hiding places are incredibly conspicuous

  6. rasss says:

    well now its extremely easy for officers to find you guilty hideing marijuana..police officers are two step ahead so think more then once..

  7. Skeeter says:

    Thanks now i know more places to look on my traffic stops. 5-0

  8. midnut smuggler says:

    I just pop the bag up my ass. I bring friends if I need to move a lot.

  9. franko says:

    Its interesting ive used one of these without reading this and it did work !!!!! remaining calm is a must i was convinced i was caught but was easy to remain calm because i thoughgt i was caught so was ready to deal with it hah !

    other thing we need advice on is acually buying the stuff on the street my dealer insists on meeting on the street in a car its dodgy but any tips on looking conspicuos would be v helpful, also any tips on good lies about what im doing hanging around in the car with lots of money etc

  10. trt says:

    just double bag it and stuff the shit up your ass hole

  11. Mac Miller says:

    I used to be a Police Officer.
    15 years I served Florida State Lines.
    My son recently got “busted” for possession, so..
    If your wondering why I’m telling you my story,
    It’s because I hate the law.

    I pulled over a suspect driving in a truck, 11:13pm est.
    I ran the tag, (the suspect was driving 60 on a 45)…
    I asked him if he was the owner, and had he been drinking tonight..?
    “no sir,” said, the kid, (19)age…

    I began to smell some “dank,” coming from inside the truck.
    I asked him if he’d ever smoke before. ”no,” said the kid.

    I ran the subjects eyes over my flashlight,
    I came to the conclusion that, Yes, this kid was blazed and confused.

    Later, the K-9 unit I asked for on dispatch arrived.(10 minutes)

    Lucky, smelt the marijuana coming from the truck,
    But where??? If only dog’s had pointer fingers.

    I can to the conclusion that this was no ordinary D-S

    The 19-year-old kid, is now serving time for having 5 pounds hidden inside the head-rests.
    This kid had the time to cut and re-stitch the fabric…
    Too bad he was stoned when I found him, cause I was just going to let him off with a warning.

    Thank you Lucky, may you forever live with us

  12. C. Griffin_94 says:

    Sweet tips maan..I like em! the car idea is the best!!! :D

  13. Anonymous says:

    1) K9s are trained to alert in a specific fashion to drugs. The handler will know the difference between the dog being excited of food or not.

    2, 4, 5) Don’t be an idiot about it and it could work. Hiding spots inside the car are better.

    3) Cops are trained to be suspicious of a lone tool that could be used to open a secret compartment. Great tool free secret compartments are your fuse and air filter box.

    The best advice is to act normal and calm. Don’t transport weed fucking stoned. Only break one law at a time. Only transport when necessary, pick a good hiding spot, and without hesitation allow the police to search. Use body language, nod and wave to the inside of the car. After receiving what will probably be a quick search and a ticket be curt and leave quickly. You don’t have to wait after you receive your citation. Doing so will make you seem guilty

  14. Ray says:

    most of the cons listed arent even relevant when you factor in the fact that you can take care of K-9 units be wrapping the shit up in coffee/ orange peels. it makes it a bit more bulky and harder to conceal, but it takes rin-tin-tin out of the equation.

    me and my friend smuggled an OZ of weed in our luggage on the greyhound, had a layover in OKC, and right when we arrived the DEA or somebody hopped out of a suburban with a bunch of good for nothing dogs, and they immediately flipped open the bottom luggage compartment and let those filthy hairy bastards jump in and start sniffing all of the suitcases. needless to say the dogs didnt smell anything but orange peels and they left.

    so if you got a relatively small amount of weed or something else and already got a good hiding spot, just wrap it up with some scent masking stuff and you should be good.

  15. Elvis says:

    Nylofume bags (used When fumigating your house) do not let odors pass through and are therefore an EXCELLENT way to keep the smell from escaping