500 Pounds of Marijuana Found on Rapper Fabolous’ Tour Bus

Police in Arkansas say they have found 496 pounds of marijuana on a bus allegedly belonging to Fabolous. The Grammy award winning artist was not on board the bus at the time of the bust, but police did arrest 52-year-old Edward Thimas and 44-year-old Robert Morris, who both say the pot was loaded onto the bus by Fabolous and another unnamed rapper. The bus was supposedly heading to Boston, where the suspects say they were to meet back up with the rapper, following the NBA all star weekend in Phoenix.

The bus was stopped after police say it was seen driving on the shoulder of the highway on February 17th. Police found a duffel bag containing the pot, along with $6,452 on the suspects who were the only people on the bus at the time. Police are still holding both suspects and say they have given conflicting information related to the case.

Police have not indicated if they have investigated Fabolous is connection with the case and no statement has been issued by Fabolous or his label as of yet.

Fabolous has been involved in a variety of police activity over his career including being shot in the leg and then arrested on weapon charges 2006. The NYPD has also linked the Brooklyn rapper to a group called the “Street Fam Crew”, aledegly made up of current and former drug dealers from Fabolous’ Brooklyn neighborhood. The crew has been implicated in several armed robberies, usually involving high priced jewelry.

Fabolous plans to release his fifth studio album, “Loso’s Way”, this April.

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