Surfer Calls Cops After Finding 400lbs of Marijuana on Beach

Sheriff’s deputies in California confiscated about 400 pounds of marijuana Wednesday near a Del Mar beach after a surfer found the marijuana and then alerted police.

The surfer told officials that he found six burlap sacks around 4 a.m s he was walking to the beach along a trail. As he continued to walk toward the water, he came across two men lugging a seventh sack and asked what they were doing. The men allegedly said something in Spanish, dropped what they were carrying and ran. The surfer called the police, who later found an eighth sack closer to the water. The sacks were filled with 80 plastic-wrapped bundles of marijuana totaling about 400 pounds.

Investigators believe someone used a boat to drop off the drugs. It is common for smugglers to drop off narcotics at a prearranged point and have someone waiting to pick it up. In June 2007, about 70 pounds of marijuana were found on the beach in roughly the same location.

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