Man Arrested After Using FedEx To Ship 20 Pounds of Weed

weedbricksfedexSheriff deputies in Jefferson City, Missouri say they have seized 20 pounds of marijuana after receiving a tip that it was being shipped via FexEx. Officers were told a package addressed to 1206 St. Mary’s Boulevard needed to be checked for drugs and a K9 unit gave it a positive ID for an illegal substance. Police later confirmed that the package contained 2 bricks of marijuana weighing 10 pounds each.

According to court documents, a sheriff’s deputy dressed-up as a FedEx employee and delivered the package at the home where a female signed for it. Police later pulled over a car that the female and another suspect were driving and found the package inside. Prosecutors charged Jesus Gonzalez with drug possession with the intent to distribute after the female told police she was unaware of the contents and that the package was for Gonzalez, her boyfriend. Gonzalez is being held in jail without bail because authorities believe he is in the country illegally. The female is not facing charges at this point.

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