Marijuana Field Containing 29,000 Plants Discovered in Utah

229356166_4c254eaceeA man in Wayne County Utah stumbled upon a large marijuana field containing over 29,000 plants growing on a remote hillside near Boulder Mountain. The man was riding an ATV when he spotted a black irrigation pipe and then noticed the plants and alerted authorities. Police kept watch over the field for a day, looking for the growers to return, before giving up and removing the plants.

Officers believe the growers were living in a camp nearby and fled when they heard the sound of the ATV. No arrests have been made and deputies are looking for fingerprints and other evidence left behind for leads. Police estimate the growers had been there about three to four weeks before being discovered.

More than 90,000 plants were seized in Utah in 2008 and DEA predicts that number to increase this year due to increased law enforcement efforts on the West Coast driving more growers to Utah.

Photo by: jasonawhite

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