Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill HB277 Killed By House Speaker

n50709329619_9442A medical marijuana bill that would of helped thousands of patients in Missouri was killed by a single politician. Speaker Ron Richard extended his role from Speaker of the House to Sole Decider when he went back on his word (and job) to assign the bill to a committee, ensuring not a single word from either side of issue would be heard. A far cry from his website slogan “Promises made… Promises Kept”.

According to a blog post by Joplin NORML, Richards objection to assigning HB277 to committee seems to boil down to, “why bother, the bill has no chance of passage”. Missouri voters are urged to let Speaker Richard know his decision to not assign the bill to the appropriate committee will not go unnoticed to majority of Americans that support medical marijuana by contacting him through one of the following methods:

Jefferson City Office – 573.751.2173

[email protected]

State Representative Ron Richard
District 129
Missouri House of Representatives
201 W. Capitol Ave. Room 206A
Jefferson City, MO 65101

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