Spark Report Recommendation for Miss High Times 2010

359_49ecca4664174_t250Since 2005, The Miss High Times pageant has attracted some of the hottest female marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. The pageant creator, High Times Magazine, recently launched a new revamped website for the contest which allows contestants to set up profiles similar to social networking sites like Myspace. Readers, members and fans then vote on the pictures which help the High Times staff select monthly finalists that will get the chance to participate in the pageant held annually on April 20th.

After looking through hundreds of contestant profiles, I decided to select Rosebud420 (follow her on Twitter) as Spark Report’s recommendation for Miss High Times 2010. Rose exemplifies what Miss High Times should represent because she lives and breathes cannabis culture while letting her fun and positive personality define her. Check out more about Rose and read her blog on her Miss High Times Profile. She was also nice enough to answer a few questions.

How did you find out about MHT and what made you want to participate?
“I found out about the competition through the magazine and joined when they had the old site. You couldn’t change your info or pictures very easily and it said I was 19 for a few years! I just got over the whole dream until I found out they launched a new site. I think I wanted to participate because come on, who doesn’t want to be a part of High Times?”

What’s your opinion on the porn/cam girls that you are competing against?
“I’m torn on the subject. Half of me says it’s their body and they can do what they want. But then the other half thinks it takes too much away from the point of MHT. You can take a sexy picture without taking it to far.”

Are there any other girls you are supporting in the contest?
“Yes! My friend since 5th grade. Coralreefer (follow her on Twitter). She’s fuckin’ awesome!”

What are you favorite clubs in San Francisco?
“I love the clubs in the city! They have amazing weed and the staff are nothing but wonderful. They all have different things to offer so it’s impossible to pick a favorite. I go to Grass Roots, the Hemp Center and the Vapor Room the most though. RIP CMC on Polk/Sutter they were my favorite until they got shut down by the man.”

What do you plan on doing if you win Miss High Times?
“Whatever opportunities this competition brings me, I am stoked on. Being a smokesmodel would be fantastic, as well as any other work through High Times. I’ve had stoney day dreams about being a blogger or something for HT where I would rep SF and the Bay Area for all the movements, concerts and day to day weed smokin that come out of this crazy place. And I REALLY want to go to the cannabis cup in Amsterdam!!”

To vote for Rosebud420, go to her profile at and click “Rate all images for this user” and then rate all pictures a 10. Vote everyday to help her get to #1.

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  • June 1, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    they’re are so many girl that are why more worthy of winning miss high times this girl just has a lot of point. it seems like you didn’t look very hard at the other girls


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