7,621 Marijuana Plants Seized Near Los Angeles

lacaliLos Angeles County sheriff’s investigators have arrested two people after busting a “pot canyon” containing 7,621 marijuana plants. The garden was hidden with overgrown vegetation and was found in Sycamore Canyon near Diamond Bar, California 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Deputies arrested 33-year-old Francisco Rios and 31-year-old Brigido Ambriz near the garden for possession of a loaded and concealed firearm. Police believe the two are connected but say charges will depend on how much evidence ties them directly to the marijuana. Deputies would not disclose how they found out about the garden, only saying that they had been investigating the case for about a month.

One likely reason for the discovery could be the location of the garden which was less than 100 yards from a community center and residential neighborhood. A hiking trail also borders the garden, however the canyon was so steep that officers needed assistance from a helicopter to airlift the near-mature plants from the site. Narcotics detectives then spent six hours sorting through evidence found in the canyon, including the plants, irrigation equipment, camping items and a propane tank.

The growing season for outdoor marijuana is typically between April and September and the Sheriffs Department reports they have seized more than 100,000 marijuana plants already this year.

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photo by: jondoeforty1

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