Unhashing Marijuana #hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags are a common way to tag or group messages on Twitter. A hashtag is created by simply adding a pound sign (#) in front of a word or acronym within a tweet. This allows, say fans of the National Basketball Association, to follow the #nba hashtag to keep up with related tweets.

Marijuana has a large fan base on Twitter which has spawned many marijuana related hashtags over time. This is a list of the most commonly used marijuana hashtags and what they mean. While all are related to marijuana, they each have their own meaning or context in which they should be used.

#Marijuana, #Cannabis, #Hemp, #Pot & #Weed

These hashtags are generally used to group marijuana related information such as news and links. (example)


420 Usually represents general cannabis culture and can be used to tag random tweets, quotes, songs etc.  It can also be used to tag tweets on or around 4:20. On April 20th, it became the first (and I believe only) marijuana related “Trending Topic” (most popular word or phrase) on Twitter. (example)

#MMOT (Marijuana Movement on Twitter)

The MMOT tag was started by @StonerNation and has became one of the more popular hashtags used. Like #420, it can be applied to just about any type of message and is used to target a specific group of users. (example)

#420KA (420 Killa Army)

Started by @B_Real420 (of Cypress Hill fame) to target people celebrating 4:20 across various time zones. (example)


Tweets done while under the influence of marijuana. (example)

#TheGanjaBus & #GanjaBus

The Ganja Bus takes routine trips around Twitter everyday. Kind of like #HighTweets, you would likely use this tag while smoking marijuana. (example)


Reasons marijuana is preferred over alcohol. (example)


Popular, funny or random quotes about marijuana. (example)


Content related to the ongoing drug war. (example)


A hashtag used on Mondays to celebrate the positive aspects of Marijuana. (example)


Created by High Times Magazine to allow their readers to share related content. (not used much anymore)

This is an ongoing list, so if you know of a hashtag that deserves to be listed, let me know in the comments or @sparkreport on Twitter.

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