Man Arrested After Receiving 15 Pounds of Marijuana in the Mail

mailboxA Tennessee man was arrested after multiple police agencies along with the United States Postal Service conducted a “controlled delivery” of a package containing 15 pounds of marijuana. After the delivery police raided the home and arrested 25-year-old Bret Rayburn, of Collegedale, Tennessee on charges of possession of marijuana for resale. Police found firearms and drug paraphernalia during the raid, and also decided to seize a 1984 BMW for unspecified investigative reasons (police auction).

Rayburn also could likely face federal charges because the marijuana was shipped from California and crossed state lines. There is no word on what led authorities to the package, although it seems ovbious that 15 pounds of marijuana might give off a distingtive smell. Police also did not mention if they were investigating the origin of the shipment in California.

A Missouri man was arrested recently in a similar “controlled delivery” after police intercepted a FedEx shipment containing 20 pounds of marijuana. While it appears to be a very unreliable method of transport, it’s  impossible to know how much marijuana is successfully shipped by postal carriers every year.

One thought on “Man Arrested After Receiving 15 Pounds of Marijuana in the Mail

  • July 7, 2009 at 3:38 am

    They arrested brett rayburn because he opened the box it wasnt in his name or even his house he was just there and anybody could have opened the box because it was delivered to a buisness with more than 10 employees so he could have just been doing what he was told. And the BMW that was seized HAD no relation with the package transporting drugs or anything at all found in the car so why was the car seized??? That cannot be legal! LOOKS TO ME LIKE THE PROPERTY OWNER WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED AS WELL AS RAYBURN IF HE ALLOWED THE PACKAGE TO BE DELIVERED TO HIS PROPERTY


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