Soulja Boy Wants to Quit Rap And Just Smoke Marijuana

souljaboy18-year-old music artist and producer Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (AKA DeAndre Way) recently went on a Twitter tantrum against the music industry for killing his “dream”. Among his tweets, which he later deleted, was an admission to wanting to smoke Kush (a strain of marijuana) and live his “2nd dream”. It’s not clear if smoking Kush is his 2nd dream, or if it just goes along with it. Making music certainly has not stopped many rappers from enjoying marijuana but maybe it’s all too much for the young star.

Yeah I said. fuck all of yall. I’m taking my money and leaving. Gonna go blow kush and live my 2nd dream. this rap shit lame now” – @SouljaBoyTellEm

Soulja Boy was already assumed to smoke marijuana after filmed the young star with a suspected joint in June. Soulja Boy’s song “Crank That” reached Billboards number 1 spot in 2007 and he has remained a top artist in the “ringtone rap” genre.

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