Mysterious Marijuana Plants Found Hanging on High Street

njhighstA passer-by alerted Millville, New Jersey police to what appeared to be marijuana growing in one of the many city-owned hanging flower baskets. At least three uniformed officers showed up with a ladder to remove the 2-foot tall plants which were hanging from a light post high above High St. in city’s Glasstown Arts District.

The seasonal baskets hang from every lamp post on the street and each have a variety of color flowers. This specific one, located in front of a downtown eatery, is the only one believed to have marijuana growing in it.

A police officer on the scene is reported to have said someone possibly threw seeds from an above apartment, however that would contradict other reports that say the baskets where maintained almost daily by the city. An elaborate prankster seems more likely as the plants appear to be at least 4 weeks old.

Photo by: Mary Thomas

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