Mother and Sons Busted Running Multi-Million Dollar Operation

familybustThe production and sale of marijuana has been a popular family business for thousands of years and continues to be a family trade for some despite it’s illegal status. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office announced the bust of one such family that is accused of tranporting $2.5 million dollars worth of marijuana from Yonkers, NY into the Easton, PA area. From there the marijuana was allegedly broken down and distributed across Kutztown University.

The bust, called Operation 777, was the result of a 2008 investigation into the distribution of high-grade marijuana on the Kutztown campus. Undercover street-level purchases from students led police to brothers Kendell “Sho” Alexander of Yonkers, NY and Nolan “Smurf” Alexander of Easton, PA. The two are accused of purchasing the marijuana at wholesale in NY and then stashing it at various stash houses before distributing it among student dealers at the university. The grad jury investigating the case noted that the brothers focused the redistribution on that specific campus due to an “especially high demand for the drug”.

The mother, Felician Edwards, allegedly helped her sons launder the money through a used car dealership owned by a third son, Jerome Alexander. Police say the family used the dealership as a front and seized approximately $30,000 from the business accounts along with 11 vehicles and four weapons. Five other people have been charged in the investigation. All but one have been arrested at the time of this post.

Photo by: Pennsylvania  Attorney General’s office

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