Wu-Tang Entourage Busted “Hot Boxing” Their Tour Bus

WUTANG3Eight members of the Wu-Tang Clan’s entourage including the semi-notable DJ Mathematics and Streetlife were arrested in West Memphis, Arkansas after police busted their tour bus for “going 70 in a 65”. Police say the bus was completely “filled” with marijuana smoke, a feat commonly called “hot boxing”. Blunts and marijuana residue was also allegedly in plain sight of officers.

A subsaquent search of the bus turned up 2 ounces of marijuana, 110 ecstasy tablets and $8,615 in cash. All eight people were arrested for suspicion of drug possession with intent to sell. The driver was given a speeding ticket and released.

No actual “members” of the Wu-Tang Clan were present however it is worth noting that DJ Mathematics (@mathematics7) created the legendary Wu-Tang logo (fun fact). Chief Bob Paudert of the West Memphis Police Department was not impressed, telling reporters he thinks “those entertainers think they’re above the law” and added “I don’t know what musical instruments they played or if they even play musical instruments, but they said they were rappers.”

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