70 Year-Old Middle School Teacher Forgets His Pot at School

lockersA staff member of Harden Middle School in Salinas, California found a backpack with a strong smell of marijuana near the quad area of the school. School officials inspected the backpack and found a baggie containing an unspecified amount of marijuana and a smoking pipe. Officials then reviewed the schools security cameras to find out who the backpack (and marijuana) belonged to.

School officials were surprised to discover the backpack belonged to Harry Williams, 70, a substitute teacher at the school who had sat down with the backpack and forgot to pick it up when he left. Williams was questioned and admitted that it was his backpack and marijuana, but that he forgot it was in his bag when he came to work.

Williams told officials he had a note from his doctor allowing him to have marijuana for medical reasons. He was cited for possession of marijuana on school grounds and sent home by school officials. No word on if he will be allowed back.

Photo: House of Sims

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