Spark Report’s Most Popular Posts of 2009

Only 11 months ago, in the first week of February, Spark Report launched with a simple mission: Report on the marijuana industry. While there’s no shortage of marijuana related websites, Spark Report has had a successful 2009 by providing unique analysis of the marijuana industry that drew more than just marijuana enthusiasts to the site.

During Spark Report’s extended holiday vacation, I have compiled a list of the 10 most popular posts of 2009. This list represents Spark Report’s core content focus as well as what our readers like. Expect more great content in 2010, including the much anticipated public launch of Happy New Year!

1: The Full Story Behind The Great Tennessee Pot Cave (March)

An in-depth story that took a huge amount of research was also one of Spark Report’s first story ideas. It received a boost in traffic thanks to a link on a popular post and was also recently featured on

2: Obama Signs Bill That Could Prohibit Flavored Blunts & Wraps (June)

While the effects of this bill have yet to be seen, one thing is clear: Don’t mess with people’s blunts! This story has gathered the most comments of any post and has also been shared more than 100 times on Facebook.

3: 5 Good Places to Hide Marijuana in a Vehicle (July)

This highly searched for article is also our most controversial. Some marked the article as a tool for police, however those that read it will find the list contains mostly “methods” and not specific places.

4: What You Should Know About Mold Issues on Marijuana (August)

Solutions for a commonly overlooked problem facing consumers, growers and distributors.

5: Cannabis Science Inc. Offers Marijuana Treatment for Swine Flu (April)

In the prime of the swine flu outbreak, readers were captivated with a proposed marijuana treatment. Thanks to Twitter, the story spread as quickly as the flu as soon as it went up.

6: Stoned Presidents: U.S Presidents that Smoked Marijuana (July)

Another heavily researched post that helped define Spark Report’s exclusive content in 2009. Even we were surprised so many presidents liked to get high.

7: 9 Towns That Set An Example For Marijuana Laws in the U.S (November)

Social sites like Digg, Twitter and Facebook helped propel this story onto the most popular list late in the year.

8: Police Bust Penn State Marijuana Selling Operation (April)

Many Penn State marijuana consumers were left dry after a major distribution network caused severe campus shortages.

9: Soulja Boy Wants to Quit Rap And Just Smoke Marijuana (July)

A popular teenage rapper declares his love for marijuana via a public Twitter tirade.

10: 5 Non-Economic Factors Driving Marijuana Legalization (April)

A post fueled by politicians mistake to only look at marijuana issues as a revenue source for the government.

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