Tiger Woods Mistress Worked in Marijuana Pharmacy During Affair

JaimeJamiee Grubbs, One of the women at the center of the Tiger Woods celebrity news frenzy, worked at a medical marijuana pharmacy while shagging up with the World’s best golfer.

According to RadarOnline, Jamiee claimed to be a cock-tail waitress during an interview with US Weekly but until as recently as a month ago (while alegedly dating Tiger), was employed at City Organic Remedies in Studio City, California.

In the US Weekly interview Grubbs disclosed her several-year affair, providing photos and text messages Tiger had sent, including “Send me something very naughty” and “I will wear you out.”

Jaimee is now being represented by a Los Angeles P.R firm and is shopping her Tiger stories to T.V networks (Media, Four!).

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