Utah Mother Busted For Giving 14-Year-Old Son Marijuana

CIMG0698Tracy Thurman, 42, was arrested in Murray, Utah after an assistant principal at Hillcrest Junior High School found a pipe in her son’s locker. The 14-year-old reportedly told the assistant principal that the pipe was his and his mother provides him with marijuana, which netted his mother a felony child endangerment charge, after she confessed.

Thurman told the school principal, assistant principal and Murray police that she provides her son with marijuana so he does not have to go behind her back to obtain or use it. While her defense is not likely to help her in court, it does raise an interesting discussion around how parents are to protect their children from an unregulated marijuana market. Due to continuing marijuana prohibition, anyone looking to purchase marijuana on the black market is at risk of being a victim of a violent crime.

Providing a safer way to obtain and use the marijuana despite the sons age may sound like the best solution, depending on which side of the overall marijuana debate you stand on.

Mom of the year award? or Worst mom in the world award? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Utah Mother Busted For Giving 14-Year-Old Son Marijuana

  • January 9, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    I started smoking cannabis at 14, and twelve years later I’m still advocating both it’s use medicinally and recreationally. Until the government steps up and makes it consistantly safe for cannabis users to purchase and ingest cannabis, parents have a responsibility to ensure that theirchildren are educated and safe. If that means keeping your kids out of risky situations by keeping them out of touch with would-be dealers, so be it. The travesty here is not that this mother took her sons preference for cannabis (over …. say, alcohol, which many 14 year olds will overdose with this weekend alone) into her own hands (as opposed to many who are aware of their childs habit and choose to ignore it), but that our government continues to shut their eyes to this unnecessary and EXPENSIVE mistake.

  • January 11, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Mom of the year – I just caught my son with weed the other day and I took it from him, we had a long discussion on when he’d started, where he got it & who introduced it to him. I, myself have been a medical marijuana patient for 7 years now, and we grow it in our home along with our house plants. So it has been the norm for him to see the process, however – I’d much rather my son feel he can be honest with me about it and know where it’s coming from so that he’s not getting it off the streets. If we have to check Halloween candy for needles and poison, we should take the same care with anything else our kids put into there body…………..IT’S JUST A PLANT THAT GROWS IN THE DIRT………………but as I stressed to my son – you never know what you get off the streets!!!


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