D.E.A Loses 1,700 Pounds of Confiscated Marijuana

weedpoliceMultiple media outlets are reporting that a truckload of marijuana has gone missing during a controlled drug delivery from Memphis to Louisville. According to the reports, members of the Interstate Interdiction Unit pulled over a tractor trailer on February 10th that contained 1,700 pounds of marijuana. Under the direction of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Memphis police and Shelby County sheriff’s deputies trailed the shipment to its destination in Louisville. Somewhere in Kentucky things get hazy…

According to law enforcement officials with knowledge of the delivery, officials watched the tractor trailer travel to its destination. Soon after, several vehicles pulled up, left and then came back. The vehicles stayed several hours before leaving. When officials later checked the tractor trailer, the drugs were gone (surprise!).

It’s unclear why the police in charge of escorting the shipment did not intervene while the drugs were being unloaded. Keith Brown, resident agent-in-charge of the Memphis DEA office would only say “The DEA is conducting an investigation into drug trafficking, and I can’t comment any further than that,” when questioned by a reporter.

As Spark Report has already reported, police agencies around the country have increased focus on truckload shipments in the month of February, resulting in a large number of 1 ton or more busts already this month.

Story developing, check back for updates…

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  • March 26, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Yea, no kidding it got a bit hazy. If i was escorting it, the where abouts would get “hazy” also…at least until I need another hit


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