Privateer Closes $100 Million Dollar Investment

With a healthy $100 million Series C round of investments, Privateer is a private equity firm investing in and flat out buying emerging cannabis companies. The new investment puts the firm’s valuation at $600+ Million.

What Exactly Do They Do?

Their first and most notable investment was Leafly, the go-to site for many medical marijuana patients and dispensary owners and typically referred to (by mainstream media) as the Yelp of cannabis. The firm is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and includes a founding team of 2 Yale grads and an SF university MBA. Privateer navigates murky legal issues by distancing itself from dealing with Marijuana directly and instead focuses on the media, services and products side of the marijuana industry, often estimated in the $10 billion dollar market range.

Privateer’s other investments include  Tilray, Marley Natural and The Goodship. Tilray is a cannabis producer, distributor, and an R&D lab. Marley Natural and The Goodship are more lifestyle B2C brands.

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